How To Drum Up Interest Making Music By Wayne Banks

wayne banks
At the height of Wayne Banks career, he played session bass guitar for legendary Bee Gee's member Robin Gibb as part of his solo band. Working together from 2003 right up until Robin tragically died in 2012, he featured on Robin’s 2004 CD/DVD release ‘Robin Gibb Live with the Neue Philarmonie Frankfurt Orchestra’, 2005 double CD release ‘Robin Gibb Magnet tour edition’ and the 2011 release ‘Robin Gibb Live with The Danish National Orchestra’. Recording and touring with other legendary names, such as producer Micky Most at RAK studios, original AC/DC front-man Dave Evans and ex-Iron Maiden f...

Edmonton furnace cleaning launch new website

edmonton furnace cleaning
When it comes to maintaining and cleaning your furnace, there’s nothing quite as effective as employing the professionals to take care of the hard work for you. Whether your furnace is traditional, or a little more modern in the form of an HVAC unit – you’ll agree that it can suffer with residue build up over time, and this can be detrimental to the health of your furnace. So how can you be sure to keep your furnace fully functional all year round? Well that’s where the professionals at come in handy. What to Expect from Home Pros Group Edm...

Flammable Storage Cabinets Los Angeles Company Launches Website

flammable and chemical storage cabinets
When it comes to protecting equipment and materials, there’s nothing that can be quite as devastating as damage from fire. Fires are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths each year, and with so many causes of fire; this number will continue to cause damage if proper safety measures aren’t followed. With the use of a flammable storage cabinet, the risk of fire damage for all contents within the storage cabinet are entirely nullified, so let’s take a look at what makes them so useful. Fire Protection Unlike other types of wooden, plastic or metal storage cabinets/ shelving unit...

Los Angeles SEO Company Provides Tips For A Successful SEO Campaign

Los Angeles SEO
Tips For A Successful SEO Campaign Search engine optimization has evolved over the years. The days when people just wrote articles, and stuffed as many keywords as possible, are long gone. Nowadays, you need to follow specific strategies if search engines are to find, and rank your site well. Below are some SEO tips that will help your site remain visible to search engines. One thing that people realized long ago is that a high number of links from other sites help with better ranking. Even with the changes that have occurred, links still play an important role. The only thing you need to no...

Dr Tanveer Ahmed – Could promoting vegetarianism be counter productive to psychological health

Dr Tanveer Ahmed on vegetarianism
While vegetarians outstrip meat eaters in terms of their overall health and fitness, they don't score so well when it comes to psychological wellbeing. Dr Tanveer Ahmed discusses. THE PITFALLS OF BEING A VEGETARIAN Watch the full interview here: Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist, author and local councillor. His first book is a migration memoir called The Exotic Rissole. He is a former SBS journalist, Fairfax columnist and writes for a wide range of local and international publications. He was elected to Canada Bay Council in 2012. He practises in western Sydney and rural NSW. Auth...

Managed IT Support Services Help With Your Media Updates

managed IT support services
Managed IT Support   In this day and age, IT and computing are a staple part of most business sectors. Even the smallest company will utilise IT in one way or another, such as responding to emails or ordering products online. Larger scale organisations will often rely on IT for a range of features and functions, and it’s these things that can often climb out of control if left unmonitored. That’s where a managed IT support service can come in handy, and getting to the specifics of each service can go a long way.   Cloud Services   If there’s one thing that most larg...

Michael Masini A Career In Media

michael masini
Michael Masini  – Writing and Production Career With over 10 years of experience in the media industry and a varied resume featuring action, drama, comedy and thriller genres; Michael Masini is building his credentials to have an impact in all facets of the Entertainment Industry.  He loves acting writing and producing and has been bringing them all together. Michael’s early career on screen began in 2005 with his role as Agent Jensen in the feature length movie Expose, but he has also featured in commercials for Dodge, Ford, Levi’s and Nissan and in the Soap opera "Passions" Michael believe...

David Orth Real Wealth Marketing Financial Products

The Advantages Of Investment Bonds   According to David Orth Real Wealth : A bond is a debt security that is offered by a government, bank or municipality. In return for investing in the bond, the bank or federal agency will pay a specific rate of interest during the life of the bond. To find out more about the advantages of investment bonds, read this article now.   Investing in bonds provides a steady stream of income to help you build your financial portfolio. Most of these investment funds mature within two to five years and hold their value. Compared to stock funds, ...

Bad Online Reviews A Thing Of The Past For This Sydney Company

How to Make Online Reputation Management Part of Your Business Marketing Plan   Your small business or a big corporation, it is sustained by your reputation. In this digital age, this refers to your survival or ruination by your Google or Bing search results.   Nowadays, customers can leave a detailed account of what your company did wrong or right on high-ranking consumer review websites, thanks to the Web. They can also start a campaign on Twitter speaking about your products, your customer service, etc. In brief, your customers can either help make your company look gr...

Best Sydney Seo Services 2015 Update

best seo companies 2015
Have you ever wondered how search engines cleverly display direct website URLs within their results? For Google, it's the part in green that lists the name of the website and is definitely best practice for SEO companies who want to get results in 2015, followed by the individual meta tag. So why are these meta tags so important? Well for a start, it can lead someone to a specific page or location on your website, so making sure that these tags apply directly to you can be the difference between receiving plenty of traffic or being overlooked in favor of your competitors! The meta tag is of...