Linkedin Training

Several Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn, one of the world’s largest social media marketing platforms for professionals now offers an extensive range of solutions for those hoping to advertise. From paid promotions, to scheduled blog posts to reach a wider audience; many users consider the website the ideal way to connect with other professionals, like-minded individuals and potential customers.

As of 2017, the website offers no fewer than a dozen individual ways to market and with LinkedIn marketing solutions being as suitable for new businesses as they are for established ones – many companies are starting to consider the potential. In order to publicise a particular product or service, very little experience is needed – although it is worth noting that hiring a team of marketing experts or undergoing training can be recommended when greater promotional ambitions are on the cards.

Which Marketing Options are Available for LinkedIn Users?

As mentioned above, there are roughly a dozen ways to market via LinkedIn and although they all differ, there are some that are deemed to be far more effective than others. All can be used without needing a Premium membership and with the right level of understanding, even the simplest technique can be utilised with the most effective results. Some of these popular options include:

Blog Post Writing

One of the quickest, and potentially most effective, ways to reach an audience based on a user’s connection is by creating compelling blog posts. This option works in much the same way as a regular blog or website would, although as the post will be placed on LinkedIn’s dedicated blog page, the possibility to reach a huge audience and even have the post featured can be very appealing.

Connecting with Other Users

One of the biggest advantages of using LinkedIn is the ability to connect with people from all around the world. That’s not to say that this is an obligation, in fact many users only consider targeting those that are close to them. In any event, once a connection has been made, either party will be free to message, interact and engage with the other whether it be for fun, or for commercial purposes. This can be a very effective way to promote particular products and services, or nurture long lasting relationships with businesses and possible consumers.

Paid Advertisements

As with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – LinkedIn also offers a paid marketing solution to its users. People can have adverts created and customised (or they can opt to do so themselves) and then depending on their budget and niche; thousands, if not millions, of users can be exposed to these types of advertisements.

Featured Pages

Another effective way of marketing with LinkedIn is by creating dedicated, or feature, pages for businesses. These pages can act as a central hub to engage potential customers, or they can simply be used to provide more extensive information, as well as compelling copy to help with conversion rates or other similar activities.