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How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power hot water panels installation Perth

As common as electricity is within homes and buildings, due to the effects of global warming (not to mention the expense of the energy) people throughout Australia have been looking for ways to minimise their effect on the environment by using an alternate resource. Of these resources, only two are entirely natural; these being the sun and the wind. The sun’s rays beam down on the earth every day and within these rays are energy-rich molecules.

In the past, it was all but impossible to harness these energies, but thanks to solar technology it’s never been easier to make the most of the sunlight. The word solar comes from the Latin word for sun – and solar power in particular refers to the energy that can be harnessed from it. Here’s an introduction to how it works and why it can be so beneficial for home owners.

Solar panels and their ability to absorb sunlight

In order to harness solar energy, panels will need to be installed. These are typically placed on the top of a home, usually where a flat area is present and one that faces the sun during the day. As the sunlight beams down on to the panel’s surface, the components within will begin absorbing the rays.

The rays will be channelled and then converted into energy, where they will then power many features within a home in much the same way as electricity. The main difference is that where electrical power costs money, sunlight doesn’t, so not only can it be cheaper for the property owner; it can benefit the environment as well.

How long does the power last?

Once the rays have been converted into energy, there isn’t much that they can’t power. From kettles and ovens (depending on the configuration and connections), all the way to water systems (which are far more common). The great thing about sunlight is that the more consistently it is able to beam on to a panel, the greater the power that can be harvested. So, how long does this energy last exactly?

Well, that will depend on the temperature outside and the amount of energy that has been used. As most people rely on their panels to heat their water supply, the amount that they use will dictate how long the water stays warm for. In most instances, the energy from direct sunlight will remain present for several hours – even after the sun sets.