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Animation: Professional Videography Vs Online Video Making Software

When it comes to promoting products and services online, there’s no more effective method than by creating an awe-inspiring video to really captivate the masses. With over 3 billion people now relying on the internet for all of their browsing habits, and just over half of this amount turning to platforms like YouTube to watch videos that interest them the most; the potential to advertise with a short clip can be very rewarding indeed.

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There are two main ways to create these types of videos. The first is via a free video maker tool – usually in the form of a website. The second is to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional video production team. Although both boast their own pros and cons, one in particular does appear to outshine the other and here’s a closer look at why.

The truth about video websites

These types of sites make it easy for their visitors to make a video and then put it to good use once it’s been finalised. For a start, these sites are often completely free-to-use, which can be beneficial for those hoping to minimise their spending budget. Furthermore, thanks to the types of technologies used by these websites, the end result is often of an incredible quality; not unlike that of professional workmanship.

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By signing up to an animation maker site, a user will be able to create a compelling, effective clip that will be more than capable of portraying any message; whether it needs to promote a particular service, or simply introduce people to a popular opinion. Whatever the reason, the potential of turning to online video production services is definitely worth considering; especially if a quality result is the intention – and one that doesn’t carry the professional price tag.

And how do professional services weigh up in comparison?

The first thing that should be clarified about these types of services is that they can cost anywhere between a few hundred and a couple of thousand dollars. Considering that basic services will often end up looking the same (or similar) in quality to the videos that websites can make; it makes more sense to opt for the cheaper alternative.

That being said, there are features afforded by videography agencies that could be considered quite exclusive; and these include being able to record in real time and without the need to transition between slides. A real-time video can capture any number of scenes and this is something that internet options lack. As these websites will rely on pre-made slides to get the job done, sometimes it can be worth investing in services to receive a wholly unique solution – but this is all down to the user and what they intend to use their video for.

Animation has been big money recently:

Year Revenue Net Income
2009 725.2 151
2010 784.8 170.6
2011 706 86.8
2012 749.8 -36.4
2013 706.9 55.1
2014 648.6 -309.6
2015 915.9 -54.8