Dr Tanveer Ahmed – Could promoting vegetarianism be counter productive to psychological health

While vegetarians outstrip meat eaters in terms of their overall health and fitness, they don’t score so well when it comes to psychological wellbeing. Dr Tanveer Ahmed discusses.


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dr tanveer ahmed - pitfalls of being vegetarian

Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist, author and local councillor. His first book is a migration memoir called The Exotic Rissole. He is a former SBS journalist, Fairfax columnist and writes for a wide range of local and international publications.
He was elected to Canada Bay Council in 2012. He practises in western Sydney and rural NSW.

Author’s website: Tanveer Ahmed Website

More comments on the work of  Dr Tanveer Ahmed : “There is a growing voice for sanity and science to return to the study of intimate partner violence. You are most certainly aware of how much work there is be done for that to happen. Sir, your voice is needed on this in ways that far outweigh the current hoopla. You are just being ostracized by a cabal of financially driven ideologues whose main line of work is to raise money for themselves. I am guessing at this point you know the truth of that.very well. Just as you know that the people who just threw you under the bus see you as a threat to their deceptive enterprise.”

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