Branding Content For Social Media Marketing

Social channels are moving your customer’s attention away from mainstream media. Your customers don’t watch TV when they’re in a Starbucks queue, they check Facebook/Instagram Twitter feed and then MAYBE emails. This shift in consumer behaviour has fundamentally changed what marketers need to do in order to ensure brand relevance. In order to earn attention brands need to evolve into Entertainment Platforms. In traditional marketing we identify a business message we need to communicate, ident...

Tablets For Media Working

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So what’s new in the new iPad? Well, two main things really… 4G connectivity Retina Display running at 2048 x 1536 So how much better is it? Well, not a great deal. 4G Connectivity and the iPad The 4G does not work in Australia, regardless of what the folks at the shop will tell you, the iPad will NOT run on the 4G network in Australia, and it won’t for a long time. The correct frequencies will not come available until 2015 in Australia, let’s be honest, by then you won’t ...

Protect Your Brand With Online Reputation Management

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Protect Your Business with Online Reputation Management The internet has completely changed the way customers and businesses interact with each other. Social media has given a platform to the customers to come forward and voice their concerns freely. It is an age where brands can build and crumble just over word of mouth. It has therefore become extremely important to protect your business from any negativity about your business circulating in the consumer community. In this digital era, sal...